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"The film set was stormed daily by supposedly outraged Banarasis—almost all men with few exceptions that I could see—intent on preventing either Varanasi's holiness, or the sanctity of its widows to be disparaged. Many men I interviewed who had been involved in the demonstrations freely admitted that they were in the pay of various political and/or religious factions and cared nothing about the issues under dispute. Yet others articulated strongly felt outrage towards both Deepa Mehta—her effigy was burned in Varanasi—and at the prospect of such a film being made."
-- Sheleyah A. Courtney

Courtney, Sheleyah A. "The Storm of Deepa's Water: From Violent Tempest in Varanasi to Glacial Account of Hindu Widowhood." Australian Journal of Anthropology 18, no. 1 (2007). (p. 116)