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"My brother was getting married and his wife worked in the Parliament Buildings and she said—I'll get you a job in the Conservative Government. George Patton, who was head of the [Ontario Motion Picture] Bureau, interviewed me and I got the job. I started as Patton's secretary, and I got kind of fed up with that and got interested in the making of films, editing, cutting and so on. I did all these things, but I was quite young and it was before the days of women's liberation and men sort of resented that. Cameramen, who were maybe twice of my age, they didn't care for taking orders from a twenty year old girl. However, I got on alright..."
-- Donna Conway King

Vosikovska, Jana. Canadian women filmmakers / Les cinéastes canadiennes. Ottawa: Public Archives Canada / Archives publiques du Canada, 1982. Programme of film series (Sept. 28 - Dec. 14, 1982), accompanied by dossier of press clippings about the films / Programme d'une série de films (28 septembre - 14 décembre, 1982), accompagnée d'un dossier de coupures de presse au sujet des films. [English / French] [booklet]