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"As part of a diverse body of work that encompasses and blends documentary, avant-garde and animation, Ann Marie Fleming's 'whimsical yet trenchant stick-figure cartoons' offer micro-glimpses of her alter ego Stickgirl's self-conscious musings (I Love My Work [1998], Great Expectations [1994]) as well as pointedly ironic commentaries on gender politics (My Boyfriend Gave Me Peaches [1994], AMF's Tiresia's [1998]."
-- Diane Burgess

Burgess, Diane. "Air Bud and Stickgirl Share Leaky Condo: The Changing Landscape of B.C. Cinema since the 1980s." In Self Portraits: The Cinemas of Canada since Telefilm, edited by André Loiselle and Tom McSorley. Ottawa: Canadian Film Institute, 2006. (pp. 131-132)