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"[Catherine] Hernandez said that when she was first approached about turning Scarborough into a film, she worried a full-scale production would be 'invasive' to the community. That's why she chose to work with co-directors Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson, who have a background in documentaries, to bring a vérité style to the shoot in the Kingston-Galloway neighbourhood. 'With fiction filmmakers, there might be a way in which they want to capture ... the community that to me might seem a bit false and a bit like appropriation,' she said. 'I really wanted something where people from Scarborough would watch it and go, That's my hometown.'"
-- Adina Bresge

Bresge, Adina. "Hernandez brings audiences to 'Scarborough'." Interview with Catherine Hernandez. Toronto Star, September 11, 2021.