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"Speak Body (1979) marks a radical shift in [Kay] Armatage's approach to filmmaking. In this film she addresses issues of the female gaze, the female voice, representation of the female body, spectatorial address and multiplicity of points of view, all in a minimalist avant garde format. The film consists of a number of female voices discussing their experiences of abortion. We never see the women; instead, their voices weave a fictional narrative in which a woman discovers she is pregnant and undergoes an abortion. But the overall structure is not unitary, nor is it in the loose cinéma-vérité style. Speak Body confronts the problem of defining documentary; Armatage merges traditional documentary, fiction and minimalist experimental techniques in a new feminist practice."
-- Kass Banning

Banning, Kass. "From Didactics to Desire: Building Women's Film Culture." In Work in Progress: Building Feminist Culture, edited by Rhea Tregebov. Toronto: Women's Press, 1987. (p. 166)