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"The central structuring devices of the film [Artist On Fire: The Work of Joyce Wieland] are the direct address of the artist to camera/audience and the multiple, fragmented and unscripted voice-overs which combine various discourses: personal, academic, descriptive, analytical, and something approaching the poetic. In contrast to Wieland's voice, which is mixed clearly, completes sentences, speaks alone, and is corporealized (synchronized to her lip movements on screen), the unidentified, disembodied and inter-cut voice-overs are treated with an hallucinatory reverb and embedded in multiple tracks including sounds from Wieland's films, additional sound effects, and music. The intended effect is of contrasting modes of address, identification, and subjectivity."
-- Kay Armatage

Armatage, Kay. "Joyce Wieland, Feminist Documentary, and the Body of the Work." Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory 13, no. 1-2 (1989). (pp. 99-100)