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"Hoping to achieve something like [Joyce Wieland's] combination of minimalist formal strategies with a political motive and content, [in Speakbody] I worked with constructed images and a political subject, abortion, which in feminist cinema had been largely consigned to the documentary mode. In that film I used a combination of scripted and unscripted/spontaneous/'documentary' female voices cut into a fragmented, multiple, and contradictory voice-over which I hoped would not only challenge the masculine voice of authority that tends to characterize the use of voice-over in documentary cinema, but would also speak from and to feminine subjectivity in a film which deals with female experience and the perception and representation of the female body."
-- Kay Armatage

Armatage, Kay. "Joyce Wieland, Feminist Documentary, and the Body of the Work." Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory 13, no. 1-2 (1989). (p. 99)