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Mom, Dad and Her

Directed by Anne Wheeler
United States, 2008 (fiction, colour, English)
Also known as "Me, Mom, Dad and Her"

Film Description:
"A story about a teen-ager who is left floundering after a painful divorce and finds refuge with her new stepmother. Melora Hardin plays the woman who brings the disjointed family together after the daughter runs away from a life she finds too difficult to face."
-- (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Becky Ayers, Tia Ayers, Anna Sandor
Produced by: Anne Hopkins, Tim Johnson, Marian Rees, Kirk Shaw
Principal Cast: Melora Hardin, Paul McGillion, Brittney Wilson, Sarah Deakins, Tantoo Cardinal, Jesse Moss, Kyla Hazelwood, Anna Amoroso, Dorla Bell, Paul Bae, Tom Heaton
Cinematography: Paul Mitchnick
Film Editing: Tony Kent
Music: Graeme Coleman
Production Company: Insight Film Studios, Johnson Production Group

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