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Marine Life

Directed by Anne Wheeler
Canada, 2000 (fiction, 95 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"Marine Life, starring Cybill Shepherd, Peter Outerbridge and Alexandra Purvis, revolves around the chaotic family life of June (Shepherd), a middle-aging lounge singer and mother. June is trying to hold on to her career, her beauty, her children and her most recent love, Robert (Outerbridge)—a tender but slightly confused younger man. To relax, June makes frequent trips through the car wash, singing her heart out. June's 12-year-old daughter Adele (Purvis)—an amazingly mature adolescent surrounded by amazingly adolescent adults—tries to make sense of the emotional upheaval surrounding her."
-- (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Robert Forsyth, Lori Lansens
Based on: Marine Life, a collection of short stories by Linda Svendsen
Produced by: John Delmage, Andrea Goodey, Arvi Liimatainen, Jayme Pfahl, Jeanne Stromberg, Harold Tichenor
Principal Cast: Cybil Shepherd, Peter Outerbridge, Alexandra Purvis, Gabrielle Miller, Michael Hogan
Cinematography: David Pelletier
Film Editing: Alison Grace
Music: George Blondheim
Production Company: Odeon Films, Alliance Atlantis

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Quote about Marine Life

"The main virtue of the workmanlike adaptation by director Anne Wheeler [...] is that it remains true to characters who are too good to be happy with their self-centred nature, but not quite good enough to change. The downside is the homey sentimentality (typified by the intrusive, jaunty guitar music) that strives to hold together the script's loosely episodic structure."
-- Liam Lacey (source)

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