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The Diviners

Directed by Anne Wheeler
Canada, 1993 (fiction, 116 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"This film adaptation of one of Margaret Laurence's best-loved works follows Morag Gunn from her tough childhood in Manitoba through to middle-age as she searches for meaning and love. Along the way, we meet various characters from Laurence's Manawaka series and catch a glimpse into the many ways that society creates outcasts. Morag has the child of a native man, Jules, her childhood sweetheart. She tries to raise her daughter alone, denying the child her native heritage."
-- (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Linda Svendsen
Based on: The Diviners, a novel by Margaret Laurence
Produced by: Bill Gray, Derek Mazur, Kim Todd
Principal Cast: Sonja Smits, Tom Jackson, Wayne Robson, Nicola Cavendish, Jennifer Podemski, Don Francks
Cinematography: René Ohashi
Film Editing: Sally Paterson
Music: Randolph Peters
Production Company: Atlantis Films Limited, Credo Group Limited

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Quote by the Director

"I think Margaret [Laurence] and I had a kind of shared history on the Prairies, in the kind of home we grew up in, in the kind of values we were given."
-- Anne Wheeler (source)

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