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Dancing Trees

Directed by Anne Wheeler
Canada, 2009 (fiction, 96 minutes, colour, English)
Also known as "A Dança das Árvores", "Nicole et Martha", "Pour sortir du silence", "Reflejos en la oscuridad"
Dancing Trees
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Film Description:
"Martha, 18, has a form of autism. Although she is incapable of looking after herself, she is a mathematical genius. When her mother is the casualty of a brutal crime before her very eyes, Martha, along with the help of her cousin Nicole, uses her unique abilities to solve her mother's murder."
-- Nasser Entertainment (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Joseph Nasser
Produced by: Jack Nasser, Deboragh Gabler, Joseph Nasser
Principal Cast: Brooke Burns, Katie Boland, Amanda Tapping, Silvio Pollio, Nicholas Lea, Scott Heindl, Melanie Papalia, Michael Ryan, Brittaney Bennett, Janet Bailey, Michaela Mann, David Bloom, Vanya Asher, Kwesi Ameyaw, Ted Friend, Robyn Driscoll, Morgan Brayton, Dean Moen, Fraser Aitcheson
Cinematography: Gordon Verheul
Film Editing: Richard Benwick
Music: Stu Goldberg
Production Company: NGN Productions

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