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Directed by Anne Wheeler
Canada, 2003 (fiction, 120 minutes, colour, English)
Also known as "Abus de confiance"

Film Description:
"A dramatic television movie chronicling a fictional small town suffering from an outbreak of severe water contamination. [...] Inspired by recent events in Canada and abroad, Betrayed stars Kari Matchett [...] as Judy Bryce, a recently divorced young mother who returns to her hometown and her father (Michael Hogan [...]), the town water manager. However, Judy's new job as a nurse's aid soon plunges her into the horror of a deadly public health epidemic when it is revealed that E.coli has contaminated the town's water supply. When the small community can no longer cope with the strain of the epidemic, it's a race against the clock to determine the true source of the contamination."
-- (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Jeremy Hole, Anne Wheeler
Produced by: Laszlo Barna, Kevin DeWalt, Phyllis Platt
Principal Cast: Cavan Cunningham, David Geiss, B.J. Harris, Larry Heisler, Michael Hogan, Hiro Kanagawa, Kari Matchett, Andrea Menard, Aislinn Paul, Raoul Trujillo, Janet Wright
Cinematography: A.J. Vesak
Film Editing: Jackie Dzuba
Music: Schaun Tozer
Production Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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Quote by the Director

"I think [Betrayed] is a very political movie. It's also actually a romance. [...] The story really is about a family, and a lot of family secrets, and family relationships that change dramatically."
-- Anne Wheeler (source)

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