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The Saver

Directed by Wiebke von Carolsfeld
Canada, 2015 (fiction, 88 minutes, colour, English / French)
Also known as "La collectionneuse"
The Saver
Image: © V tape

Film Description:
"After being orphaned in the middle of a harsh Montreal winter, teenager Fern resolves to avoid her mother's tragic fate—by becoming a millionaire. 'All you need to do is save,' according to the book How to Become a Millionaire. So, with Youth Protection at her heels, she lies to get a job first as a live-in janitor and then another as a dishwasher, saving whatever she finds along the way. But despite all her smarts and fierce determination, Fern's house of cards beings to crumble, until she realizes that she may not be as alone as she once thought."
-- V tape (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Wiebke von Carolsfeld
Based on: The Saver, a novel by Edeet Ravel
Produced by: Aisling Chin-Yee, John Christou
Principal Cast: Imajyn Cardinal, Pascale Bussières, Brandon Oakes, Hamidou Savadogo, Stephanie Janusauskas, Alexandre Landry, Paul Spence, Monia Chokri, Noah Ruscica, Patricia Summersett, Michelle Thrush, Clare Coulter, Hasani Freeman, Mariah Inger, Carolyn Fe, Xenia Sin, Pascale Montpetit, Carole Olivier, Zakary Lavigne, John Christou
Cinematography: Stéphanie Anne Weber Biron
Film Editing: Wiebke von Carolsfeld
Music: Ramachandra Borcar
Production Company: Prospector Films

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