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Marion Bridge

Directed by Wiebke von Carolsfeld
Canada, 2002 (fiction, 90 minutes, colour, English)
Marion Bridge
Image: © Mongrel Media

Film Description:
"Marion Bridge is the story of three sisters paralyzed by family secrets. In the midst of struggling to overcome her self-destructive behaviour, the youngest sister, Agnes, returns home determined to confront the past in a community built on avoiding it. Her quest sets in motion a chain of events that allows the sisters each in their own way to reconnect with the world and one another. Set in post-industrial Cape Breton, Marion Bridge is a story of poignant humour and drama. A tale of loss and healing, Marion Bridge speaks volumes about parental and sibling relationships. In a world where nothing turns out exactly the way anyone imagined it would, these three sisters learn to embrace what they've got: themselves and their love for each other."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Daniel MacIvor
Based on: Marion Bridge, a play by Daniel MacIvor
Produced by: Jennifer Kawaja, Bill Niven, Julia Sereny, Brent Barclay
Principal Cast: Molly Parker, Rebecca Jenkins, Stacy Smith, Marguerite MacNeil, Ellen Page, Hollis McLaren, Emmy Alcorn
Cinematography: Stefan Ivanov
Film Editing: Dean Soltys
Music: Lesley Barber
Production Company: Sienna Films Inc., Idlewild Films Ltd.

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