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Trail of the Arrow

Directed by Nell Shipman
United States, 1920 (fiction, black and white)

Film Description:
"Although the film is no longer extant, there is some evidence of its approach. Trail of the Arrow weaves its story around a man by the name of Bob Battle who develops an aversion to women drivers when a woman motorist damages his fender. As a result of the accident, he challenges Shipman and her friend Marjorie Cole to a race. He makes a $1000 bet that the two women could not drive the Essex over a dangerous route in the Mojave Desert [...]. They immediately take him up on the wager."
-- Kay Armatage (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Nell Shipman
Principal Cast: Nell Shipman, Marjorie Cole

Notes about Trail of the Arrow


Quote by the Director

"I have proven that woman is on a par with man in driving a motor car, as she is in every other walk of life. All she needs is the experience—the physical training—the freedom from restraint."
-- Nell Shipman (source)

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