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A Bear, a Boy, and a Dog

Directed by Nell Shipman
United States, 1921 (fiction, 23 minutes, black and white)
Also known as "Saturday Off"
Video (Internet Archive)

Film Description:
"A light-hearted adventure featuring the eponymous characters in a series of delightful episodes."
-- Toronto International Film Festival Group (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Nell Shipman, William H. Clune
Produced by: Nell Shipman
Principal Cast: Sonny Howard, Margaret Mann, Nell Shipman, Brownie the bear, Laddie the dog
Cinematography: Joseph B. Walker
Film Editing: Nell Shipman
Production Company: Nell Shipman Productions

Quote about A Bear, a Boy, and a Dog

"Not particularly remarkable, this charming little film [A Bear, a Boy, and a Dog] is one of many that Shipman turned out, and it happened by luck to be preserved in excellent print condition. It belongs to a tradition of dog films that is as long as the cinema itself [...]. Shipman's films are notable, however, for her light touch with the intertitles that reveal the animals' thoughts and representations of speech."
-- Kay Armatage (source)

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