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Passion: A Letter in 16mm

Directed by Patricia Rozema
Canada, 1985 (fiction, 28 minutes, colour, English)
Passion: A Letter in 16mm
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Film Description:
"The film takes the form of an extremely intimate 'Letter in 16 mm' from Anna, normally a documentary filmmaker, to her unidentified lover. From the first 'exquisite ache' of romantic passion to her final drunken and solitary 'dance with success,' Anna struggles with an all-too-prevalent problem in this achievement-oriented age: Is it possible to balance a passion for excellence with a passion for intimacy? Are obsessions mutually exclusive?"
-- (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Patricia Rozema
Produced by: Patricia Rozema, Alexandra Raffé
Principal Cast: Linda Griffiths, John Allen, Karen Hardess, Phil Smith
Cinematography: Peter Mettler
Music: John Switzer

Notes about Passion: A Letter in 16mm


Quote by the Director

"The conceit [for Passion: A Letter in 16mm] was the closeted director's way of presenting a story about a relationship without ever having to reveal the gender of the person she's in love with, [and] the lover is definitely a woman."
-- Patricia Rozema (source)

Quote by the Director [in French]

"L'idée m'est venue d'un poème de Margaret Atwood. Un poème qui m'a énormément touchée. Et je me suis dit: 'On peut écrire une chanson d'amour, un poème d'amour, une lettre d'amour, pourquoi pas un film d'amour?'."
-- Patricia Rozema (source)

Quote about Passion: A Letter in 16mm

"Anna (Linda Griffiths) is a woman whose single-minded obsession with presenting herself 'professionally' has disastrous consequences in ther private life. Passion, the film, becomes the medium through which Anna attempts to communicate with the lover from whom she has become alienated."
-- Robert L. Cagle (source)

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