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Happy Days

Directed by Patricia Rozema
Ireland, 2000 (fiction, 80 minutes, colour, English)
Happy Days
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Film Description:
"In 2000, Rozema directed Happy Days, Samuel Beckett's bleak and absurd play filmed for the Irish-produced Beckett Film Project, which disallowed any interference with the original play. In Happy Days, a couple live out their days in the middle of the desert, the wife Winnie (Rosaleen Linehan) partially buried in a mound."
-- Agata Smoluch Del Sorbo (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Samuel Beckett
Produced by: Michael Colgon, Alan Moloney, Joan Egan, Joe Mulholland, Susan Mullen, Jim Shortall, Rod Stoneman
Principal Cast: Rosaleen Linehan, Richard Johnston
Cinematography: André Pienaar
Film Editing: Isobel Stephenson
Production Company: Blue Angels Films, Tyrone Productions

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"Happy Days, directed by Patricia Rozema, proved to be among the less controversial films in the series, not only because she remained faithful to the script and to the basic visual imagery of the play but also because of the presence of Rosaleen Linehan as Winnie, which she had performed to much acclaim at the Gate Theatre's Beckett Festival."
-- William Hutchings (source)

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