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Chef de meute

Directed by Chloé Robichaud
Canada, 2012 (fiction, 12 minutes, colour, French)
Also known as "Herd Leader"

Film Description:
"Clara's overwhelming family can't understand her solitary life, wishing she would find someone to grow old with. Following her aunt's sudden death, Clara is put in charge of her pet. Little does she know that these are the first steps to an unlikely, but empowering, friendship."
-- La Boîte à Fanny (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Chloé Robichaud
Produced by: Fanny-Laure Malo, Sarah Pellerin, Chloé Robichaud, Laurent Allaire
Principal Cast: Eve Duranceau, Monique Gosselin, Richard Fréchette, Jean-Sébastien Courchesne, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy, France Pilotte, Guillaume Lambert, François Jaros
Cinematography: Jessica Lee Gagné
Production Company: La Boîte à Fanny, Les Films de la Meute

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