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Black Swan

Directed by Wendy Ord
Canada, 2002 (fiction, 90 minutes, colour, English)
Also known as "Murder in Hopeville"

Film Description:
"Set against the majestic landscape of Canada's Bay of Fundy and the highest tides in the world, Black Swan is a fast-paced murder mystery that tells the story of Helen, a woman trying desperately to get out of her small-town world. Helen panics when her boyfriend, Carl, is accused of murder. She seizes the opportunity to flirt with city boy Clive as her ticket out of town. Things heat up and bullets and accusations fly. As the comical and confusing adult world of infidelity, prejudice and scandal unfolds, two small children travel through town oblivious to the upheaval around them. They are on a trip to find Florida, a missing mother and the legendary black swan."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Wendy Ord, Matt John Evans, Christopher Bruce
Produced by: Wendy Ord, Jaime DiPaolo, Michael Riley
Principal Cast: Melanie Doane, Michael Riley, Ted Dykstra, Matt John Evans, Pam Lutz, Steven Morgan, Wallace Mckinnon, Rob Pinnock, Janet Monid, Peggy Gedeon
Cinematography: Christopher Ball
Film Editing: Thor Henrikson, David Ransley
Music: Creighton Doane
Production Company: Black Swan Entertainment

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