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Une jeune fille

Directed by Catherine Martin
Canada, 2013 (fiction, 83 minutes, colour, French)
Also known as "A Journey"

Film Description:
"Chantal is a secretive teen who lives with her ailing mother and unemployed father. When her mother passes away, she leaves home and moves to the Gaspé. She takes with her the photo of a beach where her mother had wanted to return. Unable to find this place, she drifts for days and, having run out of cash, takes refuge with Serge, a taciturn farmer from the backcountry. Slowly, Serge and Chantal befriend one another. This is the story of their meeting and of their adaptation to life."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Catherine Martin
Produced by: François Delisle, Lorraine Dufour, Maxime Bernard
Principal Cast: Ariane Legault, Sébastien Ricard, Marie-Ève Bertrand, Hugues Frenette, Hélène Florent
Cinematography: Mathieu Laverdière
Film Editing: Nathalie Lamoureux
Music: Robert-Marcel Lepage
Production Company: Coop Vidéo de Montréal, Films 53/12

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