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Grown Up Movie Star

Directed by Adriana Maggs
Canada, 2009 (fiction, 92 minutes, colour, English)
Grown Up Movie Star
Image: © Mongrel Media

Film Description:
"When Lillian leaves her husband and daughter, the two go on separate journeys of sexual awakening. Ray flails from potential mother to potential mother for his girls, and, finally, is unable to repress that he is gay. Ruby, for her part, discovers that her sexuality is the way to get the attention she craves. She turns it on, and Stuart, her father's wheelchair-bound friend, responds. But, while Ruby wants only to be told she's special, she's promising him much more. Without the use of his legs, Stuart figures Ruby might be his last chance at love and he lets his feelings for her - and his anger at Ray for accidentally shooting him—build to a devastating climax that affects everyone."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Adriana Maggs
Produced by: Jill Knox Gosse, Paul Pope, Shawn Doyle, Adriana Maggs
Principal Cast: Shawn Doyle, Tatiana Maslany, Julia Kennedy, Jonny Harris, Andy Jones, Mark O'Brien, Sherry White
Cinematography: Jason Tan
Film Editing: Stephen Philipson
Production Company: Pope Productions

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