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Directed by Alison Maclean [1]
Canada / United States, 2006 (fiction, 34 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"As a long line of actors await their auditions, the director informs them that the role involves flight, and for the audition they must escape from an intolerable situation of their choice. Alison Maclean's thoughtfully controlled film is both intense and humorous as it addresses the ramifications of fear."
-- Stacey Donen (source)


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Quote about Intolerable

"David Rakoff is best known as a writer and a performer on 'This American Life.' Rakoff plays a manipulative casting director auditioning actors in a short film called Intolerable. Rakoff tells the actors they are to imagine an intolerable situation and then flee. The performance is to continue as the actor leaves the room and hurries through the corridor crowded with more waiting actors. After the performance is finished, the actor is not to return. Those few instructions filmed with hidden cameras form the basis for Intolerable."
-- Euan Kerr (source)

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