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Eva: Guerrillera

Directed by Jacqueline Levitin
Canada, 1987 (fiction, 83 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"This film is a strongly committed drama which investigates the political formation of two very different characters. Eva is a woman from El Salvador who becomes an active member of the guerrilla movement and journeys to Montreal to bring her message of struggle and committment to the Latin American community of refugees there. She meets a woman journalist [...] The story of these two women, whose relationship is refreshingly unsentimentalized—largely due to Eva's clear sense of her own purpose—is told simply but with a strong progression of insightful detail, varying locations and situations, and an unusual sensitivity to the ways that political involvement is engendered in widely divergent environments."
-- Festival of Festivals (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Jacqueline Levitin
Produced by: Jacqueline Levitin, Chantal Lapaire
Principal Cast: Angela Roa, Carmen Ferland
Cinematography: Jean-Charles Tremblay
Film Editing: Herve Kerlann
Production Company: Soleil Films

Notes about Eva: Guerrillera


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