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Avant les rues

Directed by Chloé Leriche
Canada, 2016 (fiction, 97 minutes, colour, Atikamekw)
Also known as "Before the Streets"

Film Description:
"Shawnouk kills a man during an armed robbery. After fleeing into the forest, he returns to his community and seeks redemption through traditional rituals. Avant les rues juxtaposes dreary modern life and a reconnection with Aboriginal culture and its traditions, a reconnection embodied by the actors. In this first feature film made in the Atikamekw language, the cast is almost entirely non-professional and living in their native community. The story is set in Manawan, at a time when the neighbouring Atikamekw village, Wemotaci, is threatened by forest fires. Avant les rues is the first feature film by Chloé Leriche. It was made in collaboration with Quebec's three Atikamekw communities and their leaders and activists."
-- Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Chloé Leriche
Produced by: Chloé Leriche, Ziad Touma
Principal Cast: Rykko Bellemarre, Kwena Bellemarre-Boivin, Martin Dubreuil, Jacques Newashish, Janis Ottawa, Normand Daoust
Cinematography: Glauco Bermudez
Film Editing: Natalie Lamoureux, Chloé Leriche
Music: Robert Marcel Lepage
Production Company: Les films de l'autre

Awards won by Avant les rues

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