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Directed by Helen Lee
Canada, 2000 (fiction, 25 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"In Helen Lee's Subrosa, a young woman returns to South Korea twenty years after her birth to search for her mother. She wanders the streets in an alien city and imagines a different life for herself. From a stark American army base to bustling flower stalls, she searches for answers. When her search for her mother yields no leads, she becomes desperate...."
-- Liz Czach (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Helen Lee
Produced by: Helen Lee, Nam-ki Eun
Principal Cast: Je-ryung Ryu, Young-hwa Rho, Young-dong Moon, Ki-chun Kim, Myung-joo Kang, Eun-jin Pang, Candy Chang, Man-su Kim, Sook-jung Im, In-young Hur, Suh-kyung Im, Yi-jee Kim, Do-yun Kim, Pauline Curtis, Ji-hee Kim
Cinematography: Bong-hee Oh
Film Editing: Seung-ryong Han
Music: Che Chou, Tobin Mori, Sooyoung Park
Production Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sienna Films, Smoke & Gift Films

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