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CQ2 (Seek You Too)

Directed by Carole Laure
Canada / France, 2004 (fiction, 90 minutes, colour, French)
Also known as "Tout près du sol"

Film Description:
"Three women: Rachel, 17, into soft drugs, survivor of minor deals and schemes, overly attuned to the world and to the people she meets; Odile, late 40s, serving a jail sentence for a few months; and Jeanne, 39, a modern dancer, androgynous and beautiful, also serving a jail sentence. Upon her release, Jeanne becomes friends with Rachel. The older woman divines the source of Rachel's emotional damage, and helps her overcome her wounds using the only therapy she knows: dance. Both women set up house in the country. Upon her release from prison, Odile joins them on weekends. Despite their differences in age, the three women become close friends, their lives focused on dance. When Rachel takes her first real steps into adulthood, however, fate strikes unexpectedly, forcing the women to confront violence once again. Their friendship and shared experience gives them the strength they need to face the challenge."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Carole Laure
Produced by: Lorraine Richard, Carole Laure, Pascal Arnold, Vivianne Morin, Karina Grandjean, Louis Laverdière, Claude Cartier
Principal Cast: Clara Furey, Danielle Hubbard, Mireille Thibault, Jean-Marc Barr, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Simon Alarie, Raynald Bouchard
Cinematography: Gérard Simon
Film Editing: Marie-Blanche Colonna, Hugo Caruana
Music: Jeff Fisher
Production Company: Cité-Amérique, Les Productions Laure, Toloda

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