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Directed by Francine Langlois
Canada, 1981 (fiction, 28 minutes, colour, French)

Film Description:
"It is natural to want a child; but the science of making babies is still at the level where such an undertaking is a great adventure. And when the parents are two lesbians, it becomes epic."
-- World Film Festival / Festival des films du monde (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Francine Langlois
Produced by: Jean Mark Lapointe
Principal Cast: Josée Labossière, Johanne Seymour, Jean Lafontaine, Marcel Gauthier
Cinematography: Louis de Ernstead
Film Editing: Babalou Hamelin
Music: Jacques Noël
Production Company: Office national du film du Canada / National Film Board of Canada

Notes about Désiré


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