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Directed by Bronwen Hughes
Canada / South Africa / United Kingdom, 2003 (fiction, 116 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"André Stander was a smooth talker, jailbreaker, thrill addict and master of disguise. He was also a high-ranking officer in South Africa's Apartheid-era police force who became an outlaw hero when he launched a second career as a bank robber. In her third feature, director Bronwen Hughes unfurls a stunning adaptation of Stander's shocking true story."
-- Michèle Maheux (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Bima Stagg, Bronwen Hughes
Produced by: David E. Allen, Steven Markoff, Izidore Codron, Frank Hubner, Jan Fantl, Martin F. Katz, Chris Roland, Julia Verdin
Principal Cast: Thomas Jane, Dexter Fletcher, David Patrick O'Hara, Deborah Kara Unger, Marius Weyers, Ashley Taylor
Cinematography: Jess Hall
Film Editing: Robert Ivison
Music: The Free Association
Production Company: Grosvenor Park Productions, The Imaginarium, Seven Arts Pictures Ltd.

Notes about Stander


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