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The Journey is the Destination

Directed by Bronwen Hughes
Canada / South Africa / United Kingdom, 2015 (fiction, 119 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"Fiercely creative artist, restless wanderer, courageous photojournalist, and compassionate humanitarian aid worker, Dan Eldon is a tremendous inspiration to all who aspire to better themselves by doing good in the world. This stirring biopic from director Bronwen Hughes [...] chronicles Eldon's tragically abbreviated, yet robustly lived life in vivid detail. Born in London to a British father and an American mother, Dan (Ben Schnetzer) is raised in Nairobi. By the time he's a teenager, he's already organizing a daredevil supply run to Mozambican refugees, an experience that merely whets his appetite for adventure and for meaningful human connections that transcend class, culture, and creed. Dan skips post-secondary study in favour of leaping into the fray, becoming a self-taught photojournalist and covering events such as the end of apartheid in South Africa and burgeoning violence and famine in Somalia. It is in the latter country that Dan will forge his greatest professional triumphs—and where his life will be woefully snuffed out far too soon. [...]"
-- Toronto International Film Festival (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Bronwen Hughes, Jan Sardi
Produced by: Richard Arlook, Kathy Eldon, Adam Friedlander, Martin Katz, Kweku Mandela
Principal Cast: Ella Purnell, Kelly Macdonald, Maria Bello, Ben Schnetzer, Sam Hazeldine, Abby Quinn, Yusra Warsama, James Gracie, Evan Marsh, Mpho Osei Tutu, Tanroh Ishida, Tom Fairfoot, Gugun Deep Singh, Cameron Scott, Ashley Dowds, Egidio Coccimiglio, Joey Borgogna, Ian Rading, Joshua Daniel Eady, Mika Basson
Cinematography: Giulio Biccari
Film Editing: Robert Ivison, Natan Moss
Production Company: Prospero Pictures, Alpas Entertainment, Creative Visions Productions, Out of Africa Entertainment

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