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Mohawk Midnight Runners

Directed by Zoe Hopkins
Canada, 2013 (fiction, 16 minutes, colour, English)
Mohawk Midnight Runners
Image: © V tape

Film Description:
"When Grant, a Mohawk man, loses his best friend tragically, he finds his way through his sorrow by remembering his departed friend's favourite activity: streaking. Grant turns his midnight runs through the reserve into a spiritual honouring that his friends envy. This is a comedic story about camaraderie and release that shows Grant, Brutus and Clarence finding freedom from the darkness of grief and love for life... by running naked together on the highway. Mohawk Midnight Runners, written and directed by Zoe Hopkins is an adaptation of the short story Dogrib Midnight Runners by Richard Van Camp from his short story collection The Moon of Letting Go (Enfield & Wizenty)."
-- V tape (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Zoe Leigh Hopkins
Based on: "Dogrib Midnight Runners," a short story by Richard Van Camp
Produced by: Pj Thornton, Richard Van Camp, Glenn Styres, Laura Milliken, Zoe Leigh Hopkins
Principal Cast: Ryan Scott Greene, R. Douglas Hutchison, Cody Lightning, Jon Proudstar
Cinematography: James Kinistino
Film Editing: Jay Brant, Christopher Mills
Music: Jason Moon
Production Company: Big Soul Productions

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