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Le golem de Montréal

Directed by Isabelle Hayeur
Canada, 2004 (fiction, 87 minutes, colour, French)

Film Description:
"Nico, a six-year-old boy whose parents are about to split up, decides to create a replacement father for himself with the help of his two best friends, the girls Camille and Axelle. Using a magical Jewish spell from the 15th century, the children conjure up a golem, who appears in the bathtub... The golem doesn't know how to talk and seems unfamiliar with modern-day customs. Nevertheless, he carries out his orders to the letter, and it's party time! Not long after, the golem attempts to return home, but nothing seems to work. And a rival gang of kids jealously wants to get their hands on him... Can Nico hold on to his new friend?"
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Isabelle Hayeur
Produced by: Arlette Dion, Isabelle Hayeur
Principal Cast: Zébulon Vézina, Réal Bossé, Lazlo Ricciardi-Rigault, Chanel Petit, Charlotte Bissonnette-Reichold, Alexis Martin, Emmanuel Bilodeau
Cinematography: John Barrett Ashmore, François Dagenais
Film Editing: Sophie Leblond
Music: Denis Raoul Hébert
Production Company: Les Productions du Golem

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