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Never Saw It Coming

Directed by Gail Harvey
Canada, 2018 (fiction, 83 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"In this fast-paced film noir, Keisha Ceylon passes herself off as a psychic. Her real powers have more to do with separating troubled families from their money than actually seeing into the netherworld."
-- Oakville Festivals of Film & Art (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Linwood Barclay
Based on: Never Saw It Coming, a novel by Linwood Barclay
Produced by: Marina Cordoni, Gail Harvey, Jay Firestone, Steven Pasternak
Principal Cast: Emily Hampshire, Eric Roberts, Katie Boland, Shaun Benson, Tamara Podemski, Nick Serino, Keegan Hedley, Diane D'Aquila, Maria del Mar, Jeff Clarke, Matt Connors, Chris Farquhar, Wayne St-George, Michael James Regan, Rachel MacMillan
Cinematography: James Griffith
Film Editing: Jim Munro
Music: Dillon Baldassero
Production Company: Prodigy Pictures

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"The seeds of the project were sown when, over dinner one night, [Gail] Harvey asked Canadian author Linwood Barclay whether he had any books that weren't currently under option with Hollywood producers. There was one novel that remained on the market, he told her, and the pair began discussions about how they could bring his 2011 novel Never Saw It Coming to the screen. Barclay then worked closed with Harvey as he penned the screenplay."
-- Jordan Pinto (source)

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