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Directed by Gail Harvey
Canada, 2015 (fiction, 7 minutes, black and white, English)

Film Description:
"Single mom Vicky, in the last three years since adopting precious Akasha from Cambodia, is still amazed by the miracles that spontaneously unfold around her. Eight-year-old Akasha is the epitome of pure love and wisdom; it doesn't take any effort for her to spread love to the most troubled soul, to shed light upon the darkest of thoughts and to emanate joy wherever she goes. One sunny fall afternoon, three lives are deeply touched by Akasha's powerful presence and play."
-- Filmi: Toronto's South Asian Film Festival (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Fenulla Jiwani
Produced by: Rahim Hirji, Fenulla Jiwani
Principal Cast: Jeff Clarke, Michelle Fisk, Fenulla Jiwani, Sarah Mennell, Ariana Shams
Cinematography: Andrea Cuda
Film Editing: Jack Ewing
Music: Dillon Baldassero
Production Company: Fenstar Productions

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