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Tokyo Cowboy

Directed by Kathy Garneau
Canada, 1994 (fiction, 94 minutes, colour / black and white, English)
Also known as "Yin Yang"

Film Description:
"Tokyo burger flipper No Ogawa is captivated by the wild West of Hollywood movies, which he sees personified in his childhood pen-pal, Canadian girl Kate Beatty. Determined to realize his dreams of a home in the West, he sets out to find Kate and become a bona fide Canadian cowboy. But reality detours his dream."
-- WorldCat (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Caroline Adderson
Produced by: Lodi Butler, Richard Davis
Principal Cast: Anna Ferguson, Christianne Hirt, Hiromoto Ida, Michael Ironside, Janne Mortil, Alec Willows
Music: Ari Wise
Production Company: Once and Future Films

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