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The French Guy

Directed by Ann Marie Fleming
Canada, 2005 (fiction, 83 minutes, colour, German / English)

Film Description:
"Elizabeth Murray just wants to help! Feeling lucky to be alive after surviving brain surgery, she brings home a stray young man to nurse him back to health."
-- Sleepy Dog Films (source)

Film Description:
"Elizabeth Murray has just undergone major brain surgery and is discharged from the hospital much too early, leaving her bewildered, alone and confused. Quickly developing some strange and obsessive behaviours, she confuses a much younger man for her beloved Charles and persuades him to follow her back to her luxurious apartment. All the while, the French guy living in the suite next to Elizabeth's is searching for a muse to inspire his latest painting but begins to wonder if he ever will be able to tap into his creativity with all that racket coming through the walls. The French Guy is an absurdist comedy that will have you wondering whether it's ever really a good idea to kiss a stranger."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Ann Marie Fleming
Produced by: Ann Marie Fleming, Adrian Salpeter, Brent Barraclough, Randall Okita
Principal Cast: Babs Chula, Tygh Runyan, Carly Pope, Heidi Iro, Patti Allan, Ed Appleby, Brent Barraclough, Serge Bennathan, Gary Jones, Emma Karwandy, Ann Salpeter, Naomi Wright
Cinematography: C. Kim Miles
Film Editing: Ileana Pietrobruno
Music: Patric Caird
Production Company: Sleepy Dog Films

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