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Félix et Malou

Directed by Sophie Dupuis
Canada, 2012 (fiction, 16 minutes, colour, French)
Also known as "Félix and Malou"
Félix et Malou
Image: © Travelling Distribution

Film Description:
"Félix & Malou are neighbours [...] in a small village. Alone against their family, alone struggling with teenagehood at thirteen years old. Between them, between their home, overcoming their difference they come together to survive."
-- Metafilms (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Sophie Dupuis
Produced by: Nancy Grant
Principal Cast: Julien Marotte, Jessie-Anne Pomerleau, Sonia Derome, Patrice Dussault, Luc Chapdelaine, Rose-Marie Coallier
Cinematography: John Londono
Film Editing: Myriam Magassouba
Music: Pierre Desmarais
Production Company: Metafilms

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