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The Lodge

Directed by Terril Calder
Canada, 2014 (animation, 73 minutes, colour, English / Ojibway)

Film Description:
"The Lodge is a Stop-Frame Animated Fairy Tale set in the Canadian wild. War Bride Pearl Simpson, born in the slums of England, yearns to rise up from the Animals that co-inhabit her new world to reign as their Queen. However the Manitous has something else in mind."
-- V tape (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Terril Calder
Animation: Terril Calder
Music: Sigrun Stella

Quote about The Lodge

"[The Lodge] seeks to interrogate how understandings of human/nonhuman bleed into social categories that demarcate humans in hierarchical terms. As a self-reflexive piece that implicates cinema as part and parcel of such problematic boundary making, The Lodge demonstrates how animation can be employed to retool cinema to resist the systems that erect such boundaries."
-- Salma Monani (source)

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