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Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story

Directed by Manon Briand
Canada, 2001 (fiction, colour, English)
Also known as "Marilyn Bell : une histoire de coeur"

Film Description [in French] :
"L'histoire de Marilyn Bell qui, en 1954, a été la première personne à traverser à la nage le lac Ontario."
-- Michel Jacques (source)

Film Description:
"Based on the major event in the life of Canadian swimmer Marilyn Dilascio (nee Bell) who, in 1954, was the first person to swim across Lake Ontario. The script chronicles her early training and progress, her relationship with her coaches during that period and her incredible swimming feat: the 21-hour lake crossing. The event began as a race against American swimming sensation Florence Chadwick, and ended as an extraordinary solo performance—after Chadwick withdrew—by the diminutive 16-year-old Bell."
-- DHX Media (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Karen Walton
Produced by: Pedro Gandol, Irene Litinsky
Principal Cast: Caroline Dhavernas, Amy Sloan, Graeme Somerville, Vlasta Vrana, Kent McQuaid, Lisa Bronwyn Moore, Chip Chuipka, Jennifer Morehouse, Ron White, Claudia Besso, Susan Glover, Jean Brassard, Sean Devine, John Ross
Film Editing: Richard Comeau
Music: David Buchbinder

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Quote about Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story [in French]

"C'est un rôle en or. Je me suis entraînée pendant deux mois intensivement à Pointe-Claire avant de tourner. C'est moi-même que vous verrez dans l'eau, je ne me fais pas doubler à l'écran."
-- Caroline Dhavernas (source)

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