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The Circle Game

Directed by Brigitte Berman
Canada, 1994 (fiction, 112 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"In a powerful story about survival and the journey into the human spirit, The Circle Game captures the despair and hope of two women and a young girl trapped in a struggle of wills. The film starts newcomer Marnie McPhail as Monika, a young, ambitious blues singer and pianist who plays in a dynamic hot band that's trying to break through, attract an agent and cut a record. Monika is attempting to balance work and home life."
-- Toronto International Film Festival (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Brigitte Berman, Marie-Lynn Hammond
Produced by: Dusty Cohl, Michael Cohl, Brigitte Berman, Joan Cohl
Principal Cast: Marnie McPhail, Renessa Blitz, Janet-Laine Green, Albert Schultz, Tom McCamus, Gordie Johnson, David Fox, Jayne Eastwood, Brooke Johnson, Dawn Greenhalgh
Cinematography: Mitchell Ness
Film Editing: Bruce Lange
Music: Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar)
Production Company: Shadowlife Film Inc.

Notes about The Circle Game


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