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Directed by Paule Baillargeon
Canada, 1986 (fiction, 54 minutes, colour, French)
Image: © National Film Board of Canada
Video (National Film Board of Canada) [French]

Film Description:
"Related with great tenderness, Sonia is a one-hour drama on the mental and emotional sufferings of a victim of Alzheimer's disease, on the course of this illness, and on the qualities—courage, love and compassion—that enable one to endure such extremes. Brilliantly acted by Kim Yaroshevskaya as Sonia and Paule Baillargeon as her daughter, Roxanne, this is a powerful discussion-starter on Alzheimer's, especially for those close to a person afflicted by what is often considered 'the worst of all diseases.'"
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Paule Baillargeon, Laura Harrington
Produced by: Suzanne Dussault, Roger Frappier, Michel Gauthier
Principal Cast: Kim Yaroshevskaya, Paule Baillargon, Lothaire Bluteau, Paul Buissonneau, Michael Rudder, Raymond Cloutier, Marc Messier, Blanche Baillargeon, Frederique Collin, Suzanne Gaulin
Cinematography: Andre-luc Dupont, Roger Martin
Film Editing: Yves Dion
Music: Yves Laferrière
Production Company: Office national du film du Canada / National Film Board of Canada

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Quote about Sonia

"Besides being a film about Alzheimer's, Sonia is a moving, beautiful story of a mother-daughter relationship. The excellent acting of Baillargeon and Yaroshevskaya communicates the pain as well as the love that these two women experience in battling a disease that radically changes both of their lives."
-- Michele Anderson (source)

Quote about Sonia [in French]

"Kim Yaroshevskaya est admirable de vérité, tour à tour forte, fragile, révoltée, absente, perdue. Un film intense, sobre et poignant. On en sort à jamais inquiet sur les capricieux flottements de sa mémoire."
-- Francine Laurendeau (source)

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