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Directed by Norma Bailey
Canada, 1986 (fiction, 57 minutes, colour, English)
Photo © National Film Board of Canada
Video (National Film Board of Canada)

Film Description:
"A young Ojibwa girl of 1770, Ikwe awakens one night from a disturbing dream about a strange man. The arrival of a young Scottish fur trader transforms her dream into reality. Marrying him, Ikwe leaves her village on the shores of Georgian Bay. Although the union promises prosperity for her tribe, it means hardship and isolation for Ikwe. Values and customs clash until, finally, the events of Ikwe's dream unfold with tragic clarity. Part one of the series entitled Daughters of the Country."
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Wendy Lill
Produced by: Norma Bailey, Michael Scott, Ches Yetman
Principal Cast: William Ballantyne, Patrick Bruyère, Jamie Hardisty, Hazel King, Vicky Klyne, Kim McCaw, Marion Moneyas, Sarah Peebles, Gladys Taylor, Geraint Wyn Davies, Wally McSween, David Gillies, Blake Taylor
Cinematography: Ian Elkin
Film Editing: Lara Mazur
Music: John McCulloch
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada / Office national du film du Canada

Notes about Ikwe


Quote by the Director

"[For the Daughters of the Country series of films about Métis women] I developed the ideas from reading the history. [...] I said, OK, I'll make these fictitious people and this is what they're going to do. I did very little research with people. It was secondary to reading all the books that are around. There were four women who wrote the scripts for me, and I developed the material with them. [...] They wanted to do it because of what I wanted to do, which is focus on women. [...] Well, for the performers, I'm just scouring reserves, everywhere, looking for Indians who can act. The whites for the film I get through regular agencies—go to Toronto and do a casting. That's pretty straightforward. But the Indians, you've just got to hunt around, in Calgary, Manitoba, Alberta, and some from Ontario. The crew I've got from Manitoba are all freelance. The NFB doesn't have a staff crew in the regions."
-- Norma Bailey (source)

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