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Suddenly Naked -- Film Description:
"Thirty-nine-year-old Jackie York is a successful and respected novelist—on the outside. On the inside, she is bitter and angry, having been humiliated by a talentless wannabe movie director, Danny Blair, who manipulated her out of the rights to her best novel. Determined to get even, Jackie attempts to wreak revenge on Danny by writing a new novel designed to destroy him. But it is not working: she is so angry, she just can't get anything to work on the page. With her life caught in a spiral of loneliness, lies and one-night stands, Jackie meets lanky Patrick McKeating, a brilliant and quirky 20-year-old who is unlike any 'man' she has ever met before. With 20 years between them and the whole world watching, Jackie's pristine public image is soon in jeopardy as Patrick takes her on a bizarre adventure to discover what really matters."
-- Telefilm Canada

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