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Young Triffie's Been Made Away With -- Film Description:
"Set in Swyers' Harbour, Newfoundland in 1948, Young Triffie's Been Made Away With is a murderously comic tale that takes place in a time when Newfoundland was in one of her periodic states of Great Upheaval. When Andrew Hepditch, the hapless, gormless young Newfoundland ranger is sent out to the isolated outport of Swyer's Harbour to investigate a common sheep-shagging / mutilation, he finds himself face and eyes into a vicious murder and way over his head in the mysterious workings of outport village life. From the time the body of 'that poor young silly person' Tryphenia Maude Pottle washes ashore, replete with 13 stab wounds, until the moment that the local preacher's hand is nailed to the table in the doctor's front parlor, the laughter never lets up in this comic murder mystery."
-- Telefilm Canada

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