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Suspicious River -- Film Description:
"Leila Murray (Molly Parker) works as a receptionist at a small-town motel. For the same price of a room, Leila offers herself to the men who pass through—she can neither understand nor explain why she keeps doing this. Hiding her money away, she claims to be saving for something, something that shimmers beyond the horizon, but whether beautiful or terrible she can't tell. [...] Delving into difficult subject matter, director Lynne Stopkewich interrogates the compulsions that drive us and examines the choices we have, or think we have. Leaving behind her family, co-workers, and a young girl she has befriended, Leila's past and future collide in a crash course with destiny. Honest and compelling, Suspicious River is disturbing in its frank assessment of violence and self-destruction."
-- Liz Czach

Toronto International Film Festival [Programme]. Toronto: Toronto International Film Festival, 2000. (p. 162)