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The Blue Butterfly -- Film Description:
"Ten year-old Pete Carlton is terminally ill with brain cancer. His last wish is to catch the most beautiful butterfly on earth, the Blue Morpho, or Mariposa Azùl, found only in South America. His mother, Teresa, convinces Alan Osborne, a renowned entomologist who prefers insects to people, to take the wheelchair-bound Pete to the rainforest. Deep in the majesty and mystery of the jungle, the two must overcome numerous dangers, hardship and pain. The blue butterfly resists capture and leads Pete and Alan into a life-and-death adventure that transforms their lives. An incredible true story, The Blue Butterfly centres on the lives of a young boy and an older man who both emerge from their protective chrysalis."
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Papillon bleu (Le)." Telefilm Canada.