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Water -- Film Description:
"Water is set in a House of Widows in India in 1938. An eight-year-old widow, Chuyia, is the catalyst whose forced move into the house causes a complete upheaval in the lives of its inhabitants, changing forever the hapless existence of two widows in particular: Shakuntala, 30 years old, devout and intelligent, who goes through a crisis of faith that eventually places her at the crossroads of a radical choice; and Kalyani, 18 years old, innocent and beautiful, who finds the courage to embrace the love of the fiery idealist Narayan. Woven in the background is Gandhi's struggle for the liberation of India, not only from the British, but also from antiquated religious interpretations that impede India's social and moral progress."
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Water." Telefilm Canada.