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Public Domain -- Film Description:
"Public Domain is a game show that awards $50,000 to the most disillusioned, alienated and existentially troubled contestant. The producers infiltrate suburban homes and place unsuspecting 'contestants' under constant surveillance, their lives broadcast over the Internet. Viewers vote to select the three most 'worthy' finalists, based on the following criteria: frequency with which they are reminded that they are truly alone in the world; depth of suffering; and most agonizing existential defeats. The three finalists are then brought into the studio for the final round. They are: Terry, a 17-year-old girl who pimps out her attractive teenaged friends in order to support her crystal-meth habit; Bonnie, a woman whose obsession with eighties New Wave has alienated her from her 11-year-old son; and Peter, an agoraphobic man who never leaves his house."
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Public Domain." Telefilm Canada.