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The Art of Woo -- Film Description:
"Alessa Woo, a beautiful and ambitious art curator, poses as a rich Asian heiress to catch her man of means. Alessa's well-laid plans to find her millionaire go awry when Ben Crowchild, a struggling Native artist, moves in next door. A gifted painter, Ben shares his neighbour's affinity for art, as well as an adjoining bathroom. Like Alessa, he also has his secrets. Although she'd be the first to deny it, an immediate, undeniable chemistry exists between Alessa and Ben. Indeed, Alessa has finally met her match. A fresh, modern take on a timeless story, The Art of Woo is a sly romantic comedy about hidden and mistaken identities, art and class, and the deeply human desire for transcendence."
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Art of Woo (The)." Telefilm Canada.