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Le piège d'Issoudun -- Film Description:
"A woman on the cusp of 40 decides to kill her two young children and commit suicide. She survives, however, and, in a state of shock, gets into her car and drives off, fully intending to kill herself in a car accident. A cop pulls her over for speeding. Noticing how upset she is, he decides to drive her back home. He begins to feel sympathy for the taciturn and distressed woman. A relationship develops between them, one of glances, wordless communication and compassion. When the cop drops the woman off at her home, he discovers the bodies of her two children and understands the full horror of what has happened. He decides to help her fulfill her ultimate wish: to die."
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Piège d'Issoudun (Le)." Telefilm Canada.